Yuval Halpern


Yuval Halpern has composed and produced five complete musicals.  In addition to stage, he has composed music for film, dance and the concert hall. Among his film music is the Berlinale Today award-winning short film Batman at the Checkpoint (2012).

Coming from a classical contemporary education, Yuval is also influenced by jazz and pop and likes to combine different styles of music into a new musical language. His influences are Bernstein, Weil and Sondheim.

What’s My Color? Family Musical. Text and Book by Wendy Lewis, premiered Houston, TX, 2016.
Tentacle, a Horror Musical (2016) and  Chaos in Olympus, a mythological Musical Comedy (2014). Text and Book by Gregor Knape.
Blue Beard, Tragic Musical. Text by Rachel Fiona Juschka, produced 2011.
Vice, Contemporary musical based on the story of the Garden of Eden. Text by Gali Halpern, produced 2005.